At Vogue display, our custom designed exhibition stands will create accurate brand exposure you’re looking for. They enhance brand engagement with attendees at any exhibition. We have a collection of ready-made templates that are designed to bring your brand to life. Are you looking for an exhibition stand design that truly stands out? Being a leading designer of custom stands, we can take your brand personality and design stunning exhibition stands, allowing you to get your marketing points across in an eye-catching memorable way. High specifications and standards are all considered while designing. Our main objective is to cut costs for larger or smaller scale exhibitionsand to provide you withthe perfect platform to engage with the audience.

Get a unique and impressiveExhibition Space with Our CustomStands in Birmingham

We have been serving clients inthe UK and across the world since 2002. Vogue display is the leading choice for thepeople of Birmingham for every exhibition, and this is the reason our high-quality designs of custom stands in Birmingham are quite popular. Preparing and setting up the exhibition stands made easy. With cutting-edge technologies, we are all set to deliver an exhibition stand that meets your exhibition requirements. Vogue display is with you from initial planning to final construction. Our team is passionate and serious about work and are committed to deadlines. We take directions from our clients and carefully map their ideas over to develop an outstanding custom stand. You can quickly achieve your marketing objectives through these designs in exhibitions. It's necessary to surround yourselfwith potential customers and partnersduring an exhibition, we strive to deliver to high-quality designs and provide you with memorable stands.

The Process of Creating Custom Stands in Birmingham

  • Paperwork Design- Our designer will sit down with you and create a first draft on paper.
  • Design representation- We deliver a handful of samples to ensure quality and 3D photo visuals.
  • Feedback- At this point, you will send us any feedback or modifications.
  • Revisions- In this step, we make any modifications that are needed.
  • Installation- After Final Sketch custom stand will be installed to the desired exhibition space.
  • Follow Up- We follow up on our clients and listen to any reviews you may have. If you need help dismantling and moving we can help.

We also work with companies overseas. So, if you’re looking for that perfect exhibition stand get in touch today. You can contact either by phone, email or by filling out the contact form on our website. Please give 24 hours for a response.